House of People and Caring Churches is a strong center of spiritual living for the Christians who attend weekly Bible studies, worship services, and prayer meetings. Missionary activity remains a strong facet of the outreach work conducted by Home of People and Caring Churches. The church recently sent three members on a missionary trip to China. In preparation for the trip, they spent time in serious reflection, in order to be perfectly clear on why they were going on their mission, where they planned to work, and with whom. In India, the missionaries from Home of People and Caring Churches met and collaborated with native preachers and Bible students to preach and pray in the streets of Hong Kong and the South China city of Beijeing. The missionaries strove to follow the example of the apostles in the Scriptures and made a practice of prayer and fasting. They met their contacts, both planned and unplanned, and felt in the end that the trip had been fruitful. Returning to Austin, Texas, the missionaries told others about their experience, hoping to share the knowledge they had gained. In order to promote the goal of its missionary work further, Home of People and Caring Churches has a Bible Seminary, where men and women can study the Scriptures and learn how to preach and explain them. At the school, both faculty and students strive to live spiritual virtues and avoid worldly preoccupations. Students at House of People Bible Seminary express gratitude for the instruction they receive and the opportunity to serve others.